The Trump team was chastised again by the Special Master in the Mar-a-Lago documents case, this time for claiming that the FBI ‘planted’ evidence.

Now the Judge has ordered former President Donald Trump’s lawyers to back up these out-of-court assertions that the FBI may have planted evidence during their search of the Florida property last month.

And he’s given Trump just 8 days to provide proof.


On Wednesday night, Trump suggested that the FBI planted evidence during the search. In an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, he innocently asks, “Did they drop anything into those piles” of materials taken from Mar-a-Lago, “or did they do it later?”



Now Judge Raymond Dearie has ordered that there must file a ‘declaration’ that must include “a list of any specific items set forth in the Detailed Property Inventory that Plaintiff asserts were not seized from the Premises on August 8, 2022.”