You know you have to protect your skin from the sun and fortunately, the days of thick white goo that leaves you looking like Casper the ghost are long gone.

For everyday sun exposure, the easiest way to make sure you’re covered is to use a moisturizer that has at least a 15 spf. We like the Purlisse Blue Lotus spf30 essential daily moisturizer with White Tea, Soy Proteins and Algae Extracts which absorbs quickly and offers superior full-spectrum sun protection without a white tint. Use this every day and you’re protecting your skin against premature aging caused by the sun’s rays and melanoma, the most deadly of all cancers.

Not only does it protect you but the ingredients such as Soy proteins and Algae Extracts helps retain moisture and nourishes your skin, without a white tint.

Perfect under makeup too, just give it 5 minutes to completely soak into your skin.  $55. at Purlisse.



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