If you’re not sleeping on a silk pillowcase, what are you waiting for?

Not only does it feel luxurious, but it prevents sleep lines which lead to wrinkles, and tames bedhead frizzes.

Besides, silk is naturally antibacterial so it’s great for the skin (especially if you’re prone to zits.)

But not just any silk will do. You want one with a high Momme count (like thread count for bedding…the higher the number the better the silk weight and quality.)

That’s why we like Mulberry Park silk pillowcases, which come in 19 (light), 22 (most popular), and 30 (heaviest/most luxe) momme options. And unlike cotton pillowcases (which are drying) silk hydrates your tresses and skin.

With one of their pillowcases, you’ll have the best beauty sleep.


It’s $28 for the 19 count, $55 for the 22 and $68 for the  30 (heaviest/most luxe) momme options. If you can, invest in the 30 which has more silk per inch and will last you longer.



With a Mulberry Park pillowcases, you’ll have the best beauty sleep of your life.






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