A recently opened hotel in Indonesia has been dubbed the “world’s skinniest.”

At just NINE feet across, the PituRooms, has seven rooms that can accommodate a double bed and a tiny bathroom with a shower and toilet.


An architect from the city of Salatiga by the name of Ary Indra took an unusable plot of land and designed the unique hotel named PituRooms.

“Aside from the technical difficulties, the biggest challenge was the typical mindset surrounding the hospitality industry that is used to superlative words: biggest, tallest, most luxurious. Here we are skinniest,” Indra told Dezeen, an architecture blog.


From their hotel rooms at PituRooms, visitors can overlook Mount Merbabu, which is the base of the city.

Apart from the accommodations, PituRooms offers a rooftop eatery that is also open to the local community and organizes art shows and other cultural events.