The no makeup look is never going out of style. While there’s always a place for that sparkly blue eyeshadow (a 70’s party?) the rest of the time, rock your natural beauty. The best way to do that?  The PerriconeMD’s No Makeup Makeup line which makes you just look, well, like you but better.

We put the entire line to the test and even our eagle-eyed girlfriends complimented us on our glowing complexion and bright-eyed look healthy look, never guessing we were wearing a combo of Dr. Perricone’s anti-aging makeup line!

No Foundation Foundation.

No Makeup Blush













Starting with the amazing No Blur priming balm compact $55, which hides almost all imperfections, we squeezed on a few drops of the No Foundation Foundation serum $60, which evened out our skin and gave us just enough coverage, adding the No Blush $35, for a healthy glow,  followed by the No Concealer, which worked like a charm, and finishing off with the No Eyeshadow which never creases, the Mascara and topping it off with the all-natural pinkish lip gloss, which gave us a youthful look. Best of all, Dr. Perricone’s line is all anti-aging, made with the cutting edge serums, such as Alpha Lipoic Acis, neuro peptides, HA’s and Vitamin C. PLUS, there’s a non-chemical SPF 30 so you’re covered.

Oh, and one more thing, if a guy says he likes a girl who is a natural beauty like yourself, no need to share these beauty secrets, just demurely say ‘thank you.’ We’ll keep your secret.













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