Morgan Cosmetics, the global organic face, hair, skin, and nail care line made from Moroccan Argan oil, has some solutions for parched  ‘Winter Skin.’

Inspired by the Moroccan healing women who produce oils from the seeds of Argan trees. Morgan Cosmetics’ Argan oil actually brightens and hydrates skin by filling pores and locking in skin’s essential moisture through its high Vitamin E content. It also restores the skin’s pH, reducing wrinkles and softening the skin to produce a bright, radiant complexion.

Not all argan oils are created equal; Morgan Cosmetics uses a German filtration system located in Morocco to ensure quality.

“Topically applying Argan oil is a highly effective way to restore skin to its full radiance and health when dropping temperatures dries it out,” said Morgan Cosmetics founder and CEO Bachir Abba.



The brand sent us the Holiday Skin Care Set ($60) a five-piece set which includes 2 oz pure Argan oil, 2 oz Argan oil face serum, 2 oz Vitamin C serum, 4 oz of pure Rose Water and 1 oz prickly pear seed oil, which is filled with linoleic acid that contains properties that benefit the skin. With everything you need for radiant skin, it makes a great holiday gift right?

And just for our readers, Buy One, Get One Free Clay Masks – Now through December 31st, 2021.

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