Bottom line: SiO, which stands for ‘Skin Innovation Overnight,’ delivers on its promise. Formulated from medical-grade silicone which the medical profession uses to reduce the visibility of scar tissue and wound-healing, the beauty patches go on overnight and you’ll see results the next morning. Yes, really.

Medically, it makes perfect sense; by compressing and hyper-hydrating wrinkle prone zones, it plumps the skin, which in turn helps diminish fine lines. The company claims that it encourages the production of collagen crucial for keeping skin looking young and fresh.

What amazed us first was how comfortable the patches were (we tried the under eye ones) and that they stayed on all night. In the morning – after scaring our hubby at breakfast — we noticed our crow’s feet were definitely less visible. To keep the results you need to re- apply these though but each patch can be used up to 15X.

Already well-known in beauty circles for their neck lift ($29.95) the company expanded to include beauty patches for pretty much every area that shows aging.

We’ve noticed the biggest change in our décolleté , where other creams and serums haven’t made any difference ($49.95.) However, the ‘Lip Lift’ patches didn’t really show demonstrable effects.

Just rinse the patches after using them and place back on the enclosed storage shield.

Will these replace fillers and injectables? Probably not, but they’ll certainly delay the day when you’ll need them!

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