Most of us grew up on those neon sports drinks (we’re looking at you, Gatorade) that come loaded with sugar. Sure, we could switch to those health store drinks, but good luck getting our kids to swig back a carrot juice after baseball practice. Or us, for that matter. Is it too much to ask for a drink to be tasty, refreshing and have all the electrolytes and minerals we need?

That’s why a bunch of parents came up with K+, an organic sports drink ‘uniquely formulated for young athletes. Made with all natural flavors and coloring,  it contains only natural and organic sweeteners and is formulated with just the right levels of vitamins and minerals for your future MVP. No caffeine, no scoops of sugar. And since it’s organic, remember to shake well before drinking.

Pediatricians are warning against certain sports drinks.

We tested the lime, orange and fruit punch (lime was the adults fave while most of  the younger set preferred the punch flavor.) Containing everything needed to replenish after sports, it’s the tasty alternative to most commercial sports drinks, for those times when you need more than just water.

It’s a plus +.

Available at Gelsons and Bristol Farms.

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