If you’re over the age of say, 12, a watermelon marshmallow scent does not sound the least appealing, but fortunately, the new Purlisse mask ($24) doesn’t have much of a smell at all — and the ‘marshmallow’ really refers to the texture. Here’s what we thought after trying it.

After cleansing our skin, we spread a thin layer of the pink shiny liquid (we liked the sheen!)  all over our face, avoiding the eye area and stray hair along the hairline.

The ingredients are all good for you (no chemicals here)–Watermelon loaded with Vitamins A, B & C to hydrate skin, Blackberry to help refine pores, Cranberry to fight free radicals and Elderberry to brighten & detoxifies skin.

Damn straight we used a filter!

After leaving it on for 15 minutes, the recommended time, we peeled off the mask, which was strangely satisfying BUT it hurt! Owie! Those with sensitive skin should stay away. And it doesn’t come off in one big peel but little bits so we still had to rinse our face afterward (not a big deal, though.) The end result: our skin definitely looked better — brightened and tightened. It helped even out our complexion too.

Would we use it again? Nope. It wasn’t worth the pull and tugging on our skin which was too painful. Use at your own risk.


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