When babies first learn to walk — and then proceed directly to running at high speeds — parents need to protect those little feet. But have you ever tried to put tiny shoes on a squirming baby? Kinda like trying to give a pill to a cat.

So Komuello Baby Shoes came up with these innovative baby footwear that combines a sock and a shoe in an easy pull-on design. Not only are they darned cute but they are breathable, machine washable, non-slip, and BPA-free. (That’s important because babies and toddlers put everything in their mouths.)



Our youngest tester, Baby Franklin, who has just started walking, liked the slip-resistant soles best.



Mom and Dad loved how easy they were to put on — and take off –and the washable feature. We’d wear them if they came in our size.

Price: $32.00-$34.00