Casinos are prevalent entities where gamblers meet to have fun and the lucky walk home with a bagging wallet. Over the decades, they have transformed to offer an exquisite gambling experience. There are many facts about casinos that are not yet revealed to gamblers. Italy is said to have its first casino in the 16th century. 

On the other hand, China invented the game of cards in the 9th century. As a Polish gambler, it is crucial to be saturated with such information. Poland created Mariage, a game of cards played by two people using a 36-deck of cards. Our expert Jacek Michalski (read more) aims at giving fun facts about Polish casinos that you may not know.

It is possible to play online casino games without paying

It is a significant casino fun fact that has fueled the growth of online casinos. Players were used to visiting traditional casinos to enjoy slots with friends. The old norm has changed as gamblers require a phone and internet to play their favorite casino games. Playing online is fun as the gambling platforms offer bonuses that help gamblers play without putting their money at risk. Gamblers can sign up with well-performing online platforms and play for free. They come with game demos where players can practice and gain the skills required before staking their money.


It is legal to play using crypto

The growth of technology has made it possible for Polish players to use cryptocurrency. It is known that the government imposes strict gambling rules on casinos in Poland. However, online gambling has helped Poles play at their convenience. 

Crypto has introduced anonymity where players can play without disclosing their identity. It becomes challenging to identify whether a player is in Poland or not. Crypto casinos have grown popular as a result. The ministry of finance that regulates gambling cannot ban the use of bitcoin; therefore, players can play at ease. Knowing if a casino supports crypto gambling is easy as long as you check reviews at platforms like Polskie kasyno online



Slots are not based on luck entirely

Slots are top-rated in Poland as they are easy to learn and play. Many have termed slots as the game of chance that does not require any skill to win. However, the theory is wrong as many believe that the random number generator is the determining factor for winnings. Slots occupy the most significant space of casino gaming libraries—players who end up playing skill-based slots that do not rely on luck end up winning. Skill-based slots operate differently and have different rules. Learning how specific slots work and mastering a few skills helps in winning.

The most popular casino games in Poland are online slots

Casino operators ensure that their casinos have a variety of games that contribute to ranking their gambling platforms. Online casinos offer free slots that help players hone the skills required in playing for real money. They do not have a limit; therefore, players can play as many times as they want. Slots are straightforward to learn and play, unlike other casino games that are complex and demand mastery of skills before playing. Slot machines in land-based casinos generate approximately 70% of revenue and are released every year, with some having appealing themes that attract many gamblers.


Poland is home to the oldest casino

The first casino was established in 1920 at Sopot city. The casino hotel was located near the beach, serving as the best tourist attraction site in the Country.  Tourists traveled to Sopot to play games such as roulette and blackjack. After the world war, it changed its name to Grand hotel. By 1928, the casino was attracting about 30,000 foreign tourists. It was also extended to 511.5 meters, making it the longest wooden pier in Europe. Today, Poland has about eight casinos located in Warsaw, Krakow, and Wroclaw.

Players can prevent themselves from gambling

Gambling has many advantages, but players are likely to struggle with addiction. Sadly, gambling addiction is not a new term in Poland, and many have gone bankrupt and lost families. Online gambling is accessible, and players can easily get addicted. However, players can avoid addiction by drafting a budget and sticking to it at all times.

The above are a few casino fun facts about Polish casinos that you may not know.  


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