The editors here at DCN tirelessly tested stacks of gadgets to come up with our top three gizmos anyone who love to find under their tree.


First up, the Creative iRoar Go, a perfectly portable bluetooth speaker with kick-ass sound and ‘splash proof’ technology (meaning it’s safe for pool parties and the beach.) With it’s 5-driver and built-in subwoofer, this speaker hits the sweet spot between price and high fidelity. $199. at Creative.


Remember the first gen of gloves that promised you could work your phone while bundled up for the cold? They were bulky, clumsy and only worked if you hit the key just right. Welcome to the new NuTouch Gloves where you can type, tap, swipe, and scroll in the cold while still staying warm. With it’s ’10-Finger Conductivity’ a special fiber woven into the gloves allows you to work all touch screen devices with ease.

All this and they’re still stylish.  $19.99 at NewerTech.


Ah, this takes us back to the days of the Polaroid, when a photo magically developed in front of your eyes. With our smartphones, many of us have forgotten what it’s like to have a hard copy of a photo, one that you can stick on the fridge, give to a friend (or relative) or create what Apple calls a ‘hyperphoto.’

You see, besides printing still photos it can also print video clips, Snapchats, GIFS  or the hyperphoto. Select a video clip, trim it down to a max of 15 seconds and then select a frame from the video for your printed picture. Then, using the player in the app, point your iPhone’s camera at your print and it will near-instantly start playing the clip you made on top of the photo as if it was a tiny TV. Ta da!

Using the LifePrint app you can follow other users, just like on Instagram or other social networks and Followers will be able to reject unwanted prints, which is good given a print will cost you $.65. Fully charged, the battery is good for 30 prints. We’re hoping the elves are making us one right now.

$129. at Apple.


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