Did you know that most self-tanners contain dangerous ingredients including known carcinogens and hormone-disrupters? Yeah, we didn’t know that either.

While we’re not about to give up our summer ‘glow,’ lying in the sun for hours is not an option (skin cancer, duh.)

What’s a girl to do?

Buy a natural self-tanner.

So we set out to try a number of so-called ‘organic’ brands which when we dug deeper into the ingredients list, weren’t natural at all.

Our favorite so far is the Australian brand Luna Bronze , a vegan, cruelty-free self-tanner that uses naturally derived ingredients instead of the chemical formulations found in regular self-tanner. And the brand adds nourishing oils to replenish the skin while a tan develops.



PR sent us a tube of their ‘Radiant’ self-tanner ($30.) which we tried before the July 4th holiday.

We liked the smell, a slight citrus scent, and it went on easily on our just-exfoliated legs. Since we really wanted a dark tan for the holiday we left it on 8 hours and were delighted with the deep, natural color. If you want a more subtle look, just leave it on for less time (wash it off in the shower after 2-3 hours.)

It gave us a healthy, glow and our skin feels remarkably smooth and soft. We’re never going back to drugstore self-tanners.


Writer’s tanned legs.