We love a makeup kit that has everything we’ll need, and nowadays we want something organic and good for our skin.

Former model and skincare expert Shirley Powell did too so she created the indie brand  LaJeanell.



Her all-in-one makeup set contains products that do double duty, as she explains:

“This all-in-one make up stick is all you need for your lips, cheeks and eyes adding a simplicity to a beauty regimen,” Shirley says. “Just adding mascara and highlighting the top of the cheeks (or even shoulders for a summer glow) with LaJeanell’s Lume Pod, provides a glowing and enhanced look.”


While we’re fans of all the products the flattering Moonlight Lume Pod ($38.) is our favorite. It gives us a youthful glow without looking like we’re wearing any makeup.

The makeup set is $129 which is a great deal (and a great gift!)