What is this strange make-up brush and what does it do exactly? From SHISEIDO, this uniquely designed brush, the hanatsubaki,  makes makeup sponges obsolete. With four distinct ‘petal’ sections, it contours to the face and blends and buffs the skin while seamlessly applying makeup.

After a few tries, we got the hang of it.

It features something called ‘hidden core’ technology, which gently controls the pressure upon application. Not to mention that it easily fits in your makeup bag.

You never looked so good.

Price:  $49
Where to buy: https://www.shiseido.com/


Who knew we could get so excited about a pillowcase? But the Blissy isn’t any ordinary silk pillowcase. Made of 100% Pure Mulberry 22-Momme Silk, it saves your skin and hair while you sleep. Sleeping on cotton pillowcases wrinkles and dries out your skin and makes your hair frizzy. It’s like it makes you younger while you sleep.

Besides that, silk is better at regulating temperature so you sleep more comfortably. Did we mention it’s also Hypoallergenic and Anti-Bacterial?

We got one to review (naturally) but bought a second one for when it’s in the wash. $69.95 at Blissy.



We backed this, The Brushean, on Kickstarter because we thought it was such a good idea. It’s a simple, elegant solution to washing all your make up brushes. Rather than soaking in a soapy sink, Brushean utilizes a ‘patent-pending design that features UV-C sterilization and Ozone technology .’ Basically, it uses UV rays to kill up to 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses.

Store your brushes in the device to keep them clean and dust-free and when you want to sanitize them, just press the button for a 5-minute sanitizing session. When the battery is low, simply plug in and charge its rechargeable battery. Who wouldn’t want this under the tree or for Hannukah?

$89 at Brushean .



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