‘It’s a liberating feeling to let the science speak!’ says an exuberant Dr. Fauci as he officially joined President Biden as his ‘right-hand man’ on the COVID fight.

After a grueling 4 years with Trump, and sidelined by that President for telling the truth about the virus, Fauci says now that ‘things were said that weren’t based on science,’ and ‘you didn’t feel you could say something and there wouldn’t be repercussions.’



The good doctor explained that he often ‘got into trouble’ for telling the truth.

‘It was very clear that they were things that were said, regarding things like hydroxychloroquine and other things like that. That really was uncomfortable because they were not based on scientific fact, I can tell you I take no pleasure at all in being in a situation of contradicting the president,’ he said.



On working with the new administration, Dr. Fauci says in the understatement of the year: ‘It is somewhat of a liberating feeling.’

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