Voted “best hair extensions” four years in a row by the San Francisco Chronicle’s A-List and named one of the top 10 hair extensions experts by Allure Magazine, Deb Monti has now launched the Milvali Extensions and Academy to teach her method.

What is the  Milvali Microlink method? Simply put, it is the best extension method for many reasons-  there is no tight tension, no sticky tape, no glue, no heat or sewing involved in the application process. There are no solvents used for removal. The weight distribution is 1:1 ratio of your hair to the extension, so there is not a heavy track or heavy extension holding on to a small section of your hair which could be damaging. With the Milvali method, you can reportedly wear extensions for 3 months. The grow-out is comfortable and you can run your fingers through your hair during the entire time of wear.

Since the microlinks are small and lightweight, they are the best for fine hair (also because they are equal in weight). They are customized by size. You can use any products, any tools, swim, sauna etc and they air dry and blow dry beautifully. Best of all, they move and feel like your own hair.

Don’t wreck your hair with bad extensions; get the Milvali Microlink ones and no one will even know it’s not your own hair.

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