SoCalBoxWithCandle_grandeAh, the smell of Cali …sunscreen, salty Ocean breezes, toasty sunny days. Oops, you say you’re from Texas? Maybe you miss the smell of leather, a bit of fresh cotton, and just a touch of sage ? We asked Nate Schmiedehaus, owner, why they thought of Homesick Candles.

We came up with the idea after realizing that we and everyone we know would love a candle that reminded them of home- candle scents are associated with the feeling of home, and what can amplify that like making the scent reminiscent of one’s childhood! We hand poured the candles and perfected the states we were from, and then decided they were so great that we should sell them. 


Whatever your State, Homesick make a natural soy candle that’s supposed to evoke the smells of home. Take SoCal where we’re from ; our scent is a mixture of hints of cactus, orange, and (of course) the ocean. Georgia’s candle scent includes a hint of sweet tea, and a touch of Georgia peach. You get the idea.

Hand-poured with a typical burn time of 60-80, each State’s candle is $29.95. (During the summer, they only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays.)



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