A bartender on TikToc has gone viral for his video explaining what ordering an ‘Angel Shot’ really means …and if you order one with lime, they’ll call the police for you.





If a woman found herself in trouble at a bar — for whatever reason — she knew to go to the bartender and ask if ‘Angela’ was working that night. That alerted the bartender that you needed help. Now that the code word is getting too well known, for instance, your date might know what it means, the new distress codeword is ‘Angel shot.’





Depending on the situation, you can order it in three different ways.


  1. The first is an angel shot with lime, which lets bartenders and staff know the situation is severe and to call the cops.
  2. An angel shot neat is the second way to order the drink, which means you need security or a bartender to walk you to your car.
  3. And the last way to order the drink is by asking for an angel shot on the rocks or with ice, which tells bartenders to order an Uber, Lyft or taxi for you.