So we all are working to remove as much plastic from our lives as possible. We dutifully ditched plastic bags at the grocery store for re-usable, biodegradable ones and proudly carry a refillable metal water bottle but we never gave a thought to all our shampoos, conditioners, soaps (which in our house could fill a store.) Reportedly, 80 billion plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles are thrown out globally each year.

Enter beauty brand Ethique, which has released their line of first-rate products in bars (see above.) Think everything from shampoo to cleansers, packaged in compostable packaging. That’s right — throw it in the recycle bin after you unpack the luscious products.

Calling itself ‘The world’s first zero waste, full range beauty brand,’ Ethique has already prevented 3.3 million plastic bottles going to landfills.

We only had one teeny problem — our bars were dissolving in the shower at an alarming rate, but it defeated the purpose to get a plastic soap dish. Ethique solved this problem with their new eco-friendly in-shower container made of sugar cane and bamboo. Never fear, it lasts up to five years. Now we can extend the life of all our beauty bars, and feel righteous in the process. ($15 at Amazon.) Buy all their products on Amazon.


Being plastic-free never looked so good!

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