For those wanting to smoke n’ mirrors eight hours of quality shut-eye, look no further than REVITALIZE Eye Contour Cream with Retinol and Peptides  Essentials Skin Care Products.
The texture is on the thicker, creamier side and has a subtle amaretto-like scent. It absorbs nicely into the orbital eye area without feeling sticky or tacky, making it great for day use under makeup, or indeed at night time as an addition to your skincare routine.
Retinol is a hero ingredient, as it is known to minimize fine lines and wrinkles – and as long as formulated for the eye area – can be used daily. In tandem with peptides, a staple for brightening, REVITALIZE is a winning formula.
After a few weeks of use, the eye area feels more hydrated, and a smidge brighter. While we won’t be putting the botox away anytime soon, this product has made its way into this beauty editor’s arsenal.