We should all be so lucky as to be “inspired by Saturdays and our favorite people”, as the founders of Hangover Hoodies Delaney Mountford and Kately Gerstenschlager were when they started producing sweatshirts in their parents’ basements.



With the goal of helping you “feel as good as you did last night”, this undeniably soft, cute and comfortable, eye-catching garment has been proven to lessen the internalized shame and overall physical discomfort that accompanies a night of throwing back one-too-many glasses of wine in attempts to keep up with Adele’s vocals blasting on the stereo as this reviewer gets over her recent break-up.

Rest assured, my Hangover Hoodie has consistently assisted while exhibiting zero judgment in getting me out of bed and to my desk in time to make that first work call, to the corner store for a much-needed breakfast sandwich, and back into bed, where I resign not to take this softer-than-average sweatshirt off even after the hangover has left the building.



With a variety of slogans, sayings, and quips, Hangover Hoodies also come in crew-neck or hooded designs (this reviewer highly recommends the hood – better to shut out the sun and blinding lights, and don’t worry, the “This is My Hangover Hoodie” words on the back are still visible even with the hood), cropped or full-length, and in a number of non-offensive comfort colors.



Unpacking my sweatshirt, I thought the inside couldn’t possibly hold up to the softness of the outer, and was pleasantly surprised upon pulling it over my head to feel warm, cuddled, and comforted. While I certainly encourage responsible drinking and am avidly anti-hangover, I just as firmly hold in my convictions to be gentle with yourself when aforementioned responsibility gives way to a GNO, or a night in with Adele, and to thank your past self by having your Hangover Hoodie within arms’ reach, awaiting your hazy wake-up. $64.99 at Hangover Hoodie.