Sunday night Beyonce was presented at the 2020 BET Awards with the Humanitarian Award, by none other than Michelle Obama.

The former First Lady praised the hit singers’ ‘generosity of spirit and her love of her community,’ as well as her focus on calling ‘out sexism and racism when she sees it … all while staying devoted to her children and the loved ones she holds dear.’

To mention just a few of Beyonce’s charitable works; the BeyGOOD initiative, which has brought relief to educational programs, aid to the East African country Burundi and COVID-19 testing for the Black community in her native Houston.

In her moving acceptance speech, the ‘Crazy In Love’ singer praised the BLM protestors, saying,  ‘I want to dedicate this award to all my brothers out there, all of my sisters out there inspiring me and marching for change. Your voices are being heard and you’re proving to our ancestors that their struggles were not in vain.’

And she pleaded with the audience to get out and vote:

‘There are people banking on us staying at home during local elections and primaries happening in states across the country. We have to vote like our life depends on it because it does.’

‘Perfect,’ as she sings in one of her hit songs.