Most hair styling products should come with the disclaimer “Do Not Attempt This At Home (Evan) .” That’s how bad I am at styling my own hair. The brush gets tangled and stuck in my hair, or I end up with too much curl — or too little.

So I was curious to try Tangle Teezer’s new Blow Styling Hairbrush. Shaped like a paddle brush, the design is based around the fixed based teeth which hold the wet hair without pulling at it while you blow dry.These innovative teeth allows for free-flow tension so you don’t end up with half the hair on your head in the brush.

So what happened when I tried it? For one thing, it was super-fast and left my hair just right, plus shiny and healthy looking. It’s like having my own personal stylist at home. I might even start blow-drying my hair more often at this rate.

My hair falls just to my shoulders so I tried the half  Paddle ($32.) Use the Full for medium to long hair lengths. Available where you already spend way too much time — SEPHORA.


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