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“Before Attollo, I thought school was pointless. But in reality, it’s super important. You need to do well in school to go to college and get a good job…Without Attollo I’d be on the streets doing drugs, because where I live it’s a pretty bad area.It’s given me resources that I would never have. It’s given me a place to come and do homework and have tutors. Because of the program, I am more social. It’s showed me that there are so many things I can do in this world. Anything is possible for me.”

This is a story from Tony, a 14 year old boy whose life was changed by a program called Attollo.


The Attollo program consists of 40 inner-city Scholars (and counting) of all ages and backgrounds. Each Scholar embodies tremendous potential, yet faces adversity in his or her life. As full-time mentors and tutors, we develop relationships with our Scholars, parents and educators in order to ensure a recurring theme of success in each of our Scholar’s lives and futures. Our objective is to be a beacon of hope to adolescents who are in high-risk areas and are in need of positive role models. They work closely with the Scholars to develop individualized plans of action. Since the beginning of the program, we have been a major part in leading these graduating seniors to college.


One way the Foundation raises funds to serve these scholars is through The Extraordinary Give, which is Lancaster County’s largest day of giving via a 24 hour online give-a-thon. The Extraordinary Give is Lancaster County’s Largest Day of Giving. Every dollar donated is stretched with at least $300,000 in total from the Lancaster County Community Foundation.


All contributions to the Children Deserve a Chance Foundation for the Extraordinary Give at Donate here.




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