If TikTok is to be believed, more men are getting Botox, dubbed ‘Brotox’ than ever before.

Plastic surgeons back this up, reporting that an estimated 20% of the medical spa’s patients are now men, coming in for Botox injections.

Given  Gen Z and millennials focus on self-care, such as ‘glow-ups’ and self-improvement, it’s really not that much of a surprise.




One Upper East Side surgeon noted that the desire for confidence, especially in a competitive workplace, is one of the driving forces behind “Brotox.”

Contributing to the trend is the fact that cosmetic improvements for men are no longer stigmatized the way they used to be.

The ‘Zoom Effect’  has also played a part. Men, just like women, saw their facial imperfections magnified on frequent Zoom calls during COVID.



And since Botox, excuse us, ‘Brotox,’ is a minimally invasive way to get rid of forehead, frown and crow’s feet wrinkles, why wouldn’t more men get a ‘glow-up’?