For that out-of-the-world vacation, there’s a new space hotel scheduled to 0pen in 2027. While you can’t book your room yet,  Orbital Assembly has shared some spec images of the Voyager Station, which they say can hold 400 tourists.

But even with space hops becoming more commonplace, the price of a ticket to space could be a real barrier. However, the team behind the concept says “We’re doing everything we can to make space accessible to everyone, not just the wealthy.”




After blasting off from Earth, guests will arrive at a central, zero-gravity docking hub. From there, elevator shafts will carry them outward to a chain of “habitation modules” arranged around the circumference of the circular station. There — at the edge of the wheel–  centrifugal force will be strong enough to keep guests and their surroundings firmly grounded.

Who’s going with me?


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