There were some over-the-top fashions on the Oscars Red Carpet (Sandra Oh anyone?) but one person — who many wondered why they were at the Awards to begin with — came dressed for a strip club.

We’re talking about Blac Chyna, who was briefly a reality TV ‘star’ and now is best known for showing off her assets. In a black gown with a plunging neckline down to South America and a sky-high slit that showed off her large leg tats, she topped it off with strange, doll-like makeup.

‘Blac Chyna is at the Oscars?? And what did she do to her face??’ one person Tweeted while another added: ‘They just let anybody in now huh?’

“Why is Blac Chyna at the oscars?! If they’re just giving invites to anyone, can I get one next year please?” asked user @CarrieAnnxx.

“How tf did Blac Chyna finesse her way into the #Oscars?!” wrote Twitter user @joshuachenault1.