In one of the strangest moments at the 2021 Oscars, Frances McDormand let out a wolf howl as ‘Nomadland’ won best picture — and director Chloe Zhao revealed the sad reason why.

Zhao, who also won best director, said the wolf howl was intended as a tribute to the film’s sound engineer Michael ‘Wolf’ Snyder, who committed suicide in March at only 35.

‘We give this one to our Wolf,’ McDormand said before throwing her head back and imitating a wolf’s cry.

Wolf’s family confirmed that he had suffered from severe depression.

Snyder’s father urged others struggling with depression to seek support:

‘I hope that the shocking nature of Michael’s death will alert others to speak up, risk being vulnerable, and seek the help that they need,’ wrote Michael’s father


The late sound engineer Michael Wolf Snyder .