At L.A. Live, Tom’s Urban restaurant wants to celebrate it’s third birthday in a big way, so they’re offering discounts all month and if your name begins with ‘T’ you’ll will receive 50% off your individual bill.(Yep, got to show I.D.) Guests at a “T”-friend table will receive an “It’s On Tom” pull tab for a chance to earn discounts ranging from $1 off their bill, to a free dinner or a round of drinks for $5.

Tom’s famous punch bowls.

But everyone can join in the celebration with Tom’s Urban’s ‘Birthday Pop Tart’ or ‘Sip-Me-I’m-Irish Mule’, a remix on the ol’ classic with Jameson Irish Whiskey.  

“We are excited to host a month of tomfoolery in honor of our three-year anniversary, here at LA Live,” said Founder Tom Ryan. “We want to show our appreciation to all of our friends, as well as our T-named pals. Locals and travelers have continued to welcome Tom’s Urban with open arms and we look forward to celebrating this milestone with a variety of birthday-theme offerings.”

We’re already a fan of the Crispy Chicken & Cornbread Pancakes with the Campfire Brownie + Cookie + S’mores for dessert and there’s more specials on the menu this month.

Now if we could just change our name to ‘Taylor’….

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