When traveling, we take at least two things with us: our expectations and our luggage. And, about that, there is a lot to say about both. But, in this post, we will focus on the second option, since we have separated must-see tips to find the right suitcases for you!

Tips for choosing suitcases

There are several criteria to take into account, even more so if they are travel bags for airplanes or just travel shoe bags. This is because airline baggage rules are stricter than those on bus routes. So, pay attention to the points listed below and good shopping!

Choose different colors than usual

As much as you are discreet, this profile is not suitable for purchase, especially for travel bags for airplanes. Give preference to those with strong colors, colored or decorated. This is because, when removing luggage on the conveyor belt, it is much easier to identify yours. This reduces the risk of confusion and accidental exchange with another passenger.

#Tip: there are cases of lost luggage where the reason was someone taking someone else’s bag by mistake on the conveyor belt.

Now, if you don’t want to buy flashy travel bags, no problem, because there are alternatives to differentiate you from the crowd. One is to personalize them by tying colorful scarves, ribbons, stickers, etc. The idea is to put something that makes the suitcase different and makes identification easier.

Have all sizes

Suitcases cannot be too big or too small. The ideal is to reach a middle ground, so that you can carry everything you need, but with maximum practicality. In this sense, the tip is to choose a kit with a large, medium and small one. Thus, you will have options for each type of trip, from the short to the longest.

For example, when it is a short trip, you can only carry hand luggage, as you will have a small suitcase. When the stay is longer, you will have the large suitcase at your disposal. In both cases, the average will always be a good alternative, if you can accommodate everything in it.

#Tip: to get the most out of your companies. low-cost airlines, your bags should be small.

Now, if you don’t want to invest in a complete kit, go the middle way: buy a medium-sized suitcase. Besides being easier to drive than the big one, it fits in any car trunk, for example.

Typically, bags are produced to accepted shipping standards. But it is important to assess the airlines’ specific requirements for weight and dimensions. Just as important as choosing the suitcases for an airplane, is to plan the luggage properly. In this way, it avoids excess dimensions or weight, which can lead to the payment of extra fees with dispatch.

Choose the material according to your profile

Rigid bags, usually made of polycarbonate, propylene or ABS, last for years and are waterproof, so they can get rain. However, they are not very malleable, which makes it difficult to place extra pieces (if you have made too many purchases). In addition, they weigh more than those made of fabric, so they require greater attention as to the franchise weight of the companies. Finally, they are prone to break if they get hit hard.

The fabric ones, usually made of polyester and nylon, are more resistant to impacts. They also adapt better to extra volumes (but be careful with your weight!) And luggage racks. In relation to the rigid ones, they usually cost less. On the other hand, they tend to wear out more quickly, that is, they have a shorter service life. Another point is that they are not waterproof, so if you get rain, you run the risk of wetting the items inside.

Note that all materials have advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it remains to be put on the scale and evaluate what is a priority for you. For example, if you like flexibility for unforeseen circumstances, a fabric bag is better. However, if you prefer greater security for your luggage, the rigid ones do.