Apologies in advance…but no one on my holiday list will be getting one of Tiffany & Co.’s  ‘Ultimate Advent Calendar’ because it costs — wait for it —  $112,000. To add to the cachet, only four of these calendars will be for sale.
As you can see, the four-foot-tall display is a replica of the company’s Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York, and behind each of the 24 doors and drawers hides a sparkling, expensive Tiffany product.
The whopping 355-pound box will be hand-delivered (no kidding) and a Tiffany employee will assemble it for you (they call that the ‘White Glove Service.’)
On the Tiffany website, they describe the gifts behind the dated doors as ranging from the company’s most desired products to some “witty everyday objects,” including a silver”paper” cup, a clothespin and a harmonica made of sterling silver. But as you can see, there are some pricey sparklers hiding among the ‘everyday objects’ such as a Tiffany T True bracelet in 18k gold ( $12,0000), a $9,000 pair of diamond, tanzanite, and platinum flower-shaped earrings, plus an $8,000 diamond and platinum flower-shaped necklace.
Hmmm…behind our Trader Joe’s advent calendar we usually find chocolate. Ho Ho Ho!