The Pro Safety Beauty Summit:

What is it?


Discover the most up-to-date safety products, protocols,
and education tailored to the unique needs to the beauty
industry – straight from the experts.




When is it?

Online, January 11-13, 2021.


Over the course of the three-day summit, experts among a diverse roster of industry leaders will help attendees gain mastery of a variety of new or changing skill sets:

*   Proven marketing and negotiating tools to build your business in 2021 and beyond.
*   Safety information from verified sources, specifically tailored to the unique needs of the beauty industry.
*   Cost-effective, practical safety strategies for service providers and clients.
*   An online platform to access education and certifications to set yourself apart from competitors during the post-pandemic phase.
*   Industry insights and forecasts from beauty’s top CEOs about their pivots.



Who’s Speaking?

A panel of globally respected beauty industry leaders, that’s who. Led by industry veterans Madeline Leonard, Karen Reddy-Medeiros and Sumita Batra, experts in almost every beauty field will help navigate the new normal. It’s worth mentioning that The Pro Safety Group has been nominated under the category of social responsibility by the Los Angeles Business Journal for a 2020 Beauty Award.


Jen Betts, President, Innovative PR & Media, is one of the speakers.


Consider it your one-stop source of information, including:

 *   “The Protocols” (essential health and safety product innovations, rules and solutions)
*   “The People” (instilling confidence among owners, employees, customers and colleagues)
*   “The Practical” (negotiating, adapting to new business models, rebranding)

“Demand for beauty and wellness services will not be going away, as customers need the uplift, they bring more than ever,” says Madeline Leonard, Summit co-founder and owner of Cloutier Remix. “Professionals wanting to stay vital and address the demand will need extra knowledge and support to keep our industry going. As we’re developing new habits, protocols and business practices out of necessity, we need to share information and educate each other on what’s required so, as an entire industry, we can stay viable after the current crisis is over.”


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