In Qatar, a country where the rich fall over themselves trying to outdo each other, a building needs to make a statement.

Voila, the Katara Towers.



Meant to represent the two traditional scimitar swords seen on Qatar’s national seal, they have been in the construction phase since 2017.

Now the “six-star” and five-star hotels in the towers are on track to be finished next year. (Yes, there’s no such thing as a ‘six star’ hotel.)

Run by Accor, the five-star Fairmont Hotel will house 361 rooms and suites, while “six-star” hotel Raffles Hotel & Residences will have 132 suites and 49 apartments.



On The Fairmont side, the inspiration for the rooms came from yachts (see the photo below.)



On the Raffles side is a fancy tea room, because of course.

No word on the pricing yet. We suspect it’s one of those ‘if you have to ask…’