You may have seen the TikTok videos of people having Popdarts competitions, throwing the sticky darts all over the place. Not to be confused with the old-fashioned darts game, this is a brand-new idea.



It helped that the company posted a TikTok that went viral with 23 million views.

Simply put, you throw your darts as close to the orange Target Marker to score points (the videos will give you pointers.)


Since it can be played anywhere there’s a flat surface, it’s made for some great family non-screen fun this holiday season.

Be part of the ‘PD Nation’ and challenge people from around the world (no surprise that the winners of many of the tournaments  — so far — are the founders Josh and Jason Carman.) Let’s give them some competition!

 The Original POPDARTS Game Set + Carrying Bag is $26.99. You can also purchase expansion sets.

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