My typical path upon entering any major (or minor) department store is this: meander through the kitchenware, skip through the too-high-to-hop-on beds, end up in the chaotic, overwhelming to most senses, candle section. After spending too many minutes uncovering and recovering so many scents I can no longer distinguish between “vanilla lavender” and “teakwood and tobacco”, I depart without a purchase, heading home to rely on lighting an uncooked piece of spaghetti to help me light the final dregs of a candle I just can’t seem to let go of.



My pattern was pleasantly and warmly interrupted with the arrival of my Serenity Opal Road candle! Described as “salty sea air meets sweet green agave”, my Serenity candle has been burning for the recommended 3-4 hours at a consistent basis, and has filled my 425 square-foot home with the promised aromas. Along with a very sweet note from the founder, Rebecca, the candle came tucked in with a Candle Care FAQ, and a cloth to keep it finger-print and dust-free (although I can’t imagine letting it sit long enough to ever accumulate any dust). The wax sits in a beautifully simple yet elegant blue glass holder, one that, once I inevitably make my way through quicker than I’d like to, I will undoubtedly be using to hold trinkets, as a tiny vase, or just decoration – yes, it is that pretty. In Floral, Fresh, Fruity, or Woody fragrances, I cannot wait to burn through them all! ($48.)


Re-purposed Opal Road candle.


Wixology Candle Company

“Burn, Clean, Pour.”

This is the motto of the Wixology Candle Company, and just like a well-crafted cocktail, these candles are made with simplicity, comfort, and originality. A well-crafted cocktail has tension; it pulls the drinker between textures and flavors, tastes and anticipations. My Wixology candles held the same flame for the eternal burn (okay, for 36 hours of promised candlelit bliss). I know, you’re probably wondering how a candle can emit texture? Flavor? Taste? Anticipation?!




Well, you only need to light a Nightcap, put a flame to Bellini, or enjoy a romantic evening with a burning Mint Julep to understand exactly what I mean. With class, warmth, and a perfume to fit, the only thing cooler than lighting a Wixology candle might be what they were designed for upon being emptied of wax: as a cocktail glass. Sustainability, affordability, and a quickly cleaned container make for a multi-use and evergreen purchase, not something many candle companies can hold a flame to! So light up, burn down, clean out, and pour a few – you won’t regret it. ($24.)




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