Me, before trying my new Casall work-out wear.

While I don’t list myself as a ‘couch potato’ on social media, I must admit it’s one of my talents. Que up Netflix and give me some snacks and I’m a happy girl. But like everyone else, I got the memo about the importance of exercise. Ugh.

So I pulled out my old spandex biking shorts and tattered t-shirt and realized if I was ever going to get serious, I needed an upgrade. That’s where Casall comes in. The Swedish brand had just sent me their new AR2 Compression tights and matching sports bra to try.


Loved by celebs such as Vanessa Hudgens, Lucy Hale and Malin Akerman, we figured we figured we’d give it a shot.

Me after trying Casall high-performance athletic wear.

Even putting them on made me feel sporty and the outfit certainly improved my shape. The Swedish brand is known for its high-performance training wear so I gave them a spin. First off, the material is very comfortable and is seamless (!) making them feel like a second skin. During my strenuous 45-minute cycle at the gym, it wicked the (copious) sweat away from my body so I had no excuse to stop. The tights have a wide waistband so they don’t bind up, which has always been a problem with other sports leggings. Even the sports bra stayed put, provided plenty of support and kept me dry. (And they offer tons of styles and sizes so you can find your perfect fit.)

Perfect for the gym, running and yoga it’s high-functioning training gear that looks great — and feels even better. And did we mention that a large assortment is made from 95% recycled materials so you can feel good about yourself — and the the planet.

Will the outfit make me work-out more? Absolutely, though they’re so comfy I might want to try wearing them when I’m a couch potato.

(Costs for tights range from $100 to $187 and sports bras from $65 to $86.)