On Monday morning, Lewis Capaldi received a gift from the chart gods, when his hit,  ‘Somebody You Loved’  overtook Ed Sheeran’s  ‘Shape Of You’ to become the UK’s most streamed song ever.


He joked: “Listen…The Beatles, Drake, Metallica, The Eagles, Michael Jackson, don’t worry guys, no hard feelings, I just had to take this one. Take a step back and let Daddy steer the ship now, OK?”




And he ribbed Ed Sheeran, one of his best mates: “Ed’s a man who is like a brother to me, he’s been a mentor, he’s put his arm round me and said, ‘don’t worry everything’s going to be OK’.


“So, to Ed I say ‘EAT MY SH*T’! That’s what happens… nice guys finish last. You snooze, you lose, kiddo. Keep up!”