People use jewelry and accessories to enhance their appearance and bring more attention to their personal style. Most commonly, the jewelry we own was bought for a specific reason or with a specific purpose. That’s why somebody’s choice of jewelry they choose to wear can usually tell you a lot about themselves, particularly their personal style and preferences.

As mentioned, jewelry is most commonly used to enhance the way we look. So, with that in mind, we’ve come up with a guide on how you can use the pieces you have and love to maximize your appearance. If you don’t have anything similar, however, it will be a perfect excuse for you to get down to some fun shopping.

Jewelry and skin tone

What most people don’t really think about when buying jewelry is their skin tone. But skin tone actually plays a big role in how the piece will look on you and the effect it will manage to achieve. If you’re not sure about your skin tone and particularly undertone, there are easy guides on how to determine them you can find online. Some people look more put-together when wearing gold jewelry while others really manage to make silver pop. But the tone of jewelry that seems to be working great for everyone is rose gold jewelry. These stunning pieces, such as Moon Magic jewelry really have the ability to bring your entire look to a whole new level.




Once you know the type and color of the jewelry that works for you best, it’s time to get a bit more technical. Since not all of us have the same face shape, it’s understandable that not all earring shapes will work the same for each of us. So, when choosing the earrings, make sure you first take the shape of your face into account. Additionally, long or bulky earrings will work best with short hair or any type of gathered hairdo. However, if you wish to go for dainty elegance, make sure you go for studs with some beautiful gemstone.


Necklaces come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so choosing which one to wear will heavily depend on your outfit. For an edgier look, you can always rock a statement choker. If, on the other hand, you find chockers to be not elegant enough, you can always layer a couple of daintier chains of varying lengths. If you’re wearing a low-cut décolletage, it’s always better to choose a more subdued necklace whereas with turtlenecks you can choose to go as bold and long as you like. 




Bracelets are used to bring more emphasis to your hands. The choice of the bracelet will heavily depend on both your style and the occasion. If you are choosing a bracelet to enhance your look for some special occasion, you can go with a piece that breathes maturity and elegance. Depending on what you prefer, you can go as chunky or as dainty as you like, or you can somewhere in the middle. But if you’re looking for a bracelet you intend on wearing every day, the first thing you need to make sure is that it’s not getting in the way. Leather bracelets will be more suited for those looking for an edgier vibe, while beaded bracelets work better in exuding a spiritual vibe. Layering bracelets is also quite popular, but make sure you don’t go overboard.

Jewelry can really bring the entire look to a whole new level. And even though there are some basic rules you should be following when choosing the pieces you want to wear, do know that you absolutely don’t have to. The choice of jewelry is quite a personal one, so wear anything that you like and that makes you feel good and confident.