ManiMe CEO Jooyeon Song was attending Standford and didn’t have time for a two-hour salon appointment– and besides, all those chemicals couldn’t be healthy, right? So she joined forces with classmate David Miro Llopis and together they developed ManiMe, a high tech solution to nails.

How does it work? Simple. Scan your nails with your phone, then select your design, and send to ManiMe. In turn, they 3D print your customized nails and zip them to you in 3-4 days. The toxic-free stick-on gels take no time at all to apply. (And we’re a klutz.)

As well as being 10-free (of all the nasty chemicals) AND cruelty-free, since they are cured onto themselves rather than your nail, you’re not damaging your own nail. We can’t wait until you can download your own designs — or photos! — for our ManiMes.

$20 for your personalized gels and they last on average two weeks. What are you waiting for?!


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