Australian airline Qantas is at it again.
Recognizing that Aussies were travel-starved due to COVID restrictions, in 2020 they offered a seven-hour sightseeing “flight to nowhere” …which sold out in 10 minutes.
Now the inventive airline has launched a series of “Mystery Flights” to encourage domestic travel. The one-day flights on Boeing 737s will be limited to only 120 passengers and say they travel to a destination within ‘approx. two hours.’
But how will you know what to pack? The airline does offer a few hints:
The flights from Brisbane will offer “the perfect getaway” for those who love country hospitality, gourmet food and wine and the great outdoors. Sydney flights will head to the tropics, making it an ideal trip for those who enjoy “lunching on the beach.” The Melbourne flight will be suitable for fans of the great outdoors, gourmet food and wine and regional farmers markets.
The all-inclusive packages cost Australian 737 (about $577 US ) for economy-class seats and AUD 1,570 for business.
You can bet these will also sell out in record time.