Las Vegas is known as a party city, and for having lively nightlife with its bars, lounges, and nightclubs. There are numerous bars in Las Vegas to visit, from cheap drinks to over the top atmospheres, and there’s a bar suitable for a variety of people.

The landscape of the strip is always changing and is busy with locals and tourists, so finding the best spots to visit can seem overwhelming. To help planning your bar crawl through the Las Vegas bar scene, below are five places to visit in Las Vegas.


1. Camden Cocktail Lounge

The Palms

The Camden is a dynamic cocktail venue that focuses on serving mind-blowing cocktails, with a dramatic flair. The décor at Camden is modern and sophisticated with a bookcase lining one wall, and bronze accents and charcoal velvets throughout the lounge. The lounge has long couches for seating that encourage patrons to socialize. The cocktail lounge has carefully crafted cocktails, including there take on a whiskey sour, The Camden Sour, made with Bulleit 95 Rye, orgeat, lemon, Zinfandel port, and an egg white.

2. Voodoo Lounge

Rio Hotel

Voodoo Lounge is a unique experience in Vegas, starting with it being 51 stories up at the Rio Hotel, and having its 40,000-pound staircase that gives you two floors of partying fun. Enjoy the magnificent views of the strip while you dance and socialize. Voodoo is famous for its mega cocktails, such as Hypnosis, Witchdoctor, and Grenade. Voodoo collects a collective group of people of all ages, who are just looking to have a good time.

3. Cleopatra’s Barge

Caesars Palace

Cleopatra’s Barge is a classic lounge and bar in Vega with a detailed history in Caesar’s Palace. The main attraction in the room is the floating Barge replicates after the one that transported royalty on the Nile River during Caesar’s time. The lounge is decorated in reds and golds, and features DJs and live music. Cleopatra’s Barge is a great place to enjoy live music in Vegas.

4. Lily Bar & Lounge


The Lily Bar & Lounge is a sophisticated and intimate lounge with lavish décor and panoramic views of the casino floor. Topped with Spanish stone tabletops and ottomans, mahogany colors and gold tones all create a sleek atmosphere. Enjoy cocktails crafted by master mixologist and listen or dance to music mixed by top DJs.


5. O’ Sheas

LINQ Hotel & Casino

O’Sheas is a favorite bar with is raucous atmosphere and traditional Irish pub vibes. It’s all fun at O’Sheas with gaming tables, beer pong tournaments, and drink specials. Enjoy the lively outdoor bar and nightly entertainment, and the drinks are reasonably priced, with over 50 beers to choose from. Dance the night away with a live performance on the Irish-inspired stage area.  A must-try drink at O’Sheas is the Irish margarita infused with whiskey.

Final Thoughts

The key to having the ultimate bar crawl in Las Vegas is by finding the balance between organizing a schedule and ensuring the night will have some unpredictability. Because the best stories from a night outcome from the most unlikely of situations. The bars listed above are high starting points for making your own itinerary for the night. Have a flexible schedule, you might have allotted an hour at each bar, but if everyone is having a good time, the timelines are a guide and do not need to be followed precisely. Make sure everyone in your group is involved, having fun, and engage in the evening. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so remember to be safe, let loose and have fun!