Mental health has been the topic of many conversations in recent months due to the pandemic causing a large rise in the number of people who have been suffering from mental health issues due to covid causing lockdowns which led millions of us around the world to spend a lot of time at home alone. This led to a lot of people suffering from mental health issues with them not being able to go about their daily routines as they normally would if the lockdowns were not in place.



Taking a break each day has helped to prove that it helps with people’s mental health by offering your mind and body a period to switch off from the fact that you are in lockdown. A lot of people turned to smartphone and console gaming to help keep themselves occupied and distracted during the pandemic. Online games have become popular for people to do whilst they are at home and betting sites not on gamstop like the ones at have become a popular platform for people to visit and distract themselves whilst having fun at the same time.




Breaks have been proven to be needed for all of us with a break helping to recharge and take our minds off certain things. It is more important than ever before to take a break now after lockdown has proved to affect too much of us physically and mentally. A lot of organisations have seen the effect that covid and lockdowns have had on so many different people and have realised how important it now is to ensure that people are finding time each day to find and do something that they enjoy.



The pandemic caused a lot of people to head to different online platforms from online gaming to streaming different series and movies online. These online platforms helped a lot of people around the world to get the break that they have needed for a long time. Even with the lockdowns being lifted and the pandemic easing it is still important to take care of our mental health just as much as our physical one and recent years have now proved this.

Taking a small break each day will help more than people realise with a lot of people getting in better headspace by taking a short break to themselves each day.