There’a an app for that. Thanks to MatchCo, you can now scan your face using their app and it will analyze your unique skin tone and then custom blend a perfectly matching all-in-one color formula just for you.

It was so easy; first, calibrate your phone with white paper, then follow the instructions to scan your face and viola! MatchCo. blends the perfect complexion coverage and mails it to you — with your name on it!

And since your complexion changes with the seasons, you can re-scan when you’ve got your winter (read: no tan) skin.

Our foundation.

Our foundation.

The ultimate blend of a primer, moisturizer and color, The My Perfect Complexion Custom Tinted Hydrating Formula is a blend of primer and moisturizer so it covers all the bases (or imperfections.) We’d love them to add suncreen  to the mix since living in California, even driving the car can expose you to damaging rays.


Just download the app on your phone and scan away!

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