When a reporter drove past Ted Cruz’s house in the wake of the Cancun scandal, they noticed a forlorn little face pressed to the glass. Turns out, the Cruz family fled Texas but left behind the family poodle, Snowflake.
With no power, the house was freezing, as Cruz himself admitted later in an interview.
‘It got cold, in the 30s in the house,’ he told Fox News.
A security guard stationed outside the property said that he was supposed to feed the lonely dog.
Who leaves the family pet in a house with no heat or power?
The reaction was swift, with one outraged person tweeting; “Snowflake has now joined the 99.9 percent of Americans who reportedly can’t stand @tedcruz.”
Someone created a Twitter account with the handle @TedCruzPoodle. Their bio reads: “Hi! I’m Ted Cruz’s poodle, Snowflake, living my best life while Texas freezes over and my a-hole dad is in Cancun. #Justice4Snowflake #TedFled”
A Ted Cruz’s Poodle account popped up on Twitter, retweeting the NBC story about Cruz’s initial plan to stay through the weekend and writing, “I was left with a bathtub of water & a bucket full of kibble so Saturday sounds about right.”
Some outraged people suggested that animal welfare charities should remove the dog from the Cruz home.

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