A spectacular  “diamond-shaped” bar suspended in the center of  Dashbashi Canyon, in Southern Georgia (Eastern Europe) opened this week. With amazing views of the canyon and waterfalls, it is hoped to bring more tourists to the area.
For the daring, there is also a zip line or visitors can bike across the canyon on the glass bridge.
Estimated to cost around $40 million, and made from steel and glass, it took around three years to construct.

This 240-meter-long glass bridge, which features a “diamond shaped” bar, has opened over the Dashbashi Canyon in Georgia

The architect, Tomer Mor Yosef,  revealed that the shape of the bar was actually inspired by the canyon itself.
“The aim was to create an extreme, exciting, and unforgettable moment that would arouse all five senses of the guests and will manage to stay imprinted in their memory,” he told the weekly newspaper the Georgian Journal last year.
We’ll just have a drink at the bar, thanks very much.