It started out like any other day as students in La Grange, Texas, were riding home from school last week when their bus driver started driving erratically. Suffering a ‘medical emergency,’ the bus was at risk of going into the nearby Colorado River.

Thinking quickly, a 13-year-old Karson Vega grabbed the wheel by sitting on the bus driver’s lap but not before the bus ended up in a ditch.

“I asked him what he was doing and he said he needed to go to the store, reported Vega. ‘No, you need to take us home.’”

So Karson grabbed the wheel and moved the bus driver’s legs.

“I kicked them over a little, so I could get the brake … and turn the flashers on,” Karson told Fox 7. “I sat on his lap and moved his hands and just drove.”

Since there was no way to pull over Karson kept driving, eventually easing the bus to a stop near a bridge over the river, KXAN reports. Law enforcement met the students there.

This pint-sized hero is in MIDDLE School!


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