Did you know April 6 is Carbonara Day? Now that you know, we have the perfect place for you to indulge in this Italian favorite —  Casa Barilla Restaurants (located in South Coast Plaza and USC Village.)

Carbonara Day was established in 2017 by the International Pasta Organization (think of it as the UN of pasta) as a means of honoring the iconic dish and garnered a robust online response from pasta lovers around the world. This year, Casa Barilla expects #CarbonaraDay to exceed last year’s enthusiastic response.

Historically referred to as “coal miner’s spaghetti”, Pasta Alla Carbonara transcends this moniker as one of Italy’s most iconic dishes. Originating in Rome during the mid-20th century as a dish for Italian charcoal workers, the recipe has not been fixed and varies from chef to chef. However, Italian traditionalists consider true carbonara to consist of only five ingredients: bacon, Parmigiano and/or Pecorino Cheese, cream, egg yolk and black pepper. Regardless of your position, whether you are an innovator or a traditionalist at heart, it cannot be denied that the essence of Italian cuisine is to unify and satisfy – and this dish does just that.

In celebration of the second annual virtual Carbonara Day event on April 6, 2018, Casa Barilla Restaurants will feature Italian Chef Alfonso Sanna’s mouthwatering twist of the dish for an entire month starting April 6 through May 6.

Born and raised in Sardegna, Italy, Chef Alfonso’s interpretation of the classic dish is tough to compete with. Made with perfectly prepared al dente Barilla thick spaghetti; crispy smoky pancetta; pasteurized egg yolk; freshly grated Parmigiano and Pecorino Cheese; a touch of cream; and finished off with freshly crushed black pepper, this dish is an impeccable balance of rich and piquant flavors.

Buon appetito!

Casa Barilla restaurants are located in the South Coast Plaza and USC Village and offer wholesome Italian cuisine for lunch and dinner. Chef Alfonso’s pasta alla carbonara will be available April 6 through May 6. Visit www.barillarestaurants.com for more information.

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