You can only Netflix for so long…so how about some online shopping?
While you can’t take these rollerskates further than the driveway, that still counts as exercise, right?
Impala Rollerskates – Spice up your daily workout regimé and go old school – Skate around your driveway or neighborhood in your fav pair of Rollerskates or Inline Skates. Bonus – They look super cute and Insta worthy. 
Price Point: $94.95 – $139.95
Key Retailers: Amazon, Zappos
We’re not out of the woods yet with the Coronavirus, but if you can find some nature — that isn’t packed — here’s the bag to take with you. (It’s WASHABLE!)
Out Of The WoodsKeep your water and refreshments cool and fresh with these sustainable, lightweight and machine washable coolers. Made from Supernatural Paper™ – yes, paper that has the luxurious look and feel of leather while being 100% animal-free.
Price: All under $30
Who doesn’t need a calming bath? Try this CBD one…
LEEF Organics STEEP Bath TeaWho needs a spa day AT the spa when you can re-reate your own at home! Crafted to replicate the appearance of a tea bag, STEEP is full of high grade botanical ingredients, including Lavender, Moroccan Rose and Jasmine, with the added benefit of 30mg whole plant CBD. Paired with warm water, immerse yourself in this aromatic blend and emerge in a state of bliss with nourished, soothed skin.Option to open the bag for free-floating flowers in the bath! 
Price: $14.00
And now, just for fun, some fun finds from …
ModCloth – 
Price Point: $10 – $120
Affiliate Network: SkimLinks
Size Range: Up to a 4X

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