CBD is all the rage and with its many proven benefits, it’s easy to see why. The problem is that with hundreds (thousands?!) of options available it feels overwhelming to know actually works.



Papa & Barkley sent us both their CBD Releaf Balm and CBD Releaf Oil and we admit we went in skeptical. The products don’t have a ton of information about WHAT to use it for – “pain” feels pretty broad, but we have plenty of that so we tried it for several things. First, we were having some jaw joint pain that by the end of the day from so many Zoom meetings was feeling fatigued. For that we tried the CBD Releaf Balm and followed the directions of “apply liberally and massage.” It smells great, feels smooth, and we are happy to report after about 20 minutes we did notice reduced ache in the area. We did the same thing every night for a few more days with the same results.

For the CBD Releaf Oil we talked our significant other into a full body massage. The oil smells wonderful, absorbs nicely, and really did do wonders for muscle tension. Papa & Barkley say most people experience the benefits of topicals within 45 minutes, but for us it felt much quicker. We felt relaxed and calm and slept like a baby.



Papa & Barkley has high quality-control standards, includes detailed information about their sourcing, manufacturing, and lab testing process on their website, and we happily recommend the products we tried for your everyday topical aches and pains.